Alan Carter is the webmaster of Devizes Heritage which he provides free of any charges. Alan lived in Devizes from 2006 to 2012 following retirement from 25 years of teaching at Wellington College in Berkshire. His son and daughter live in Devizes with his four grandchildren.

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Alan now lives in Peru enjoying the warmer climate, his passion for photography and his interest in Ancient Human Migration to the Americas and pre-ceramic Peru Archaeology - 15,000 BC to about 1500 BC. It might surprise some to learn that pyramid building civilization, not the Inca!!, developed in Peru in Peru slightly before the Egyptians.

Below Caral World Heritage Site 3 hours north of Lima and a hot Alan Carter with his wife.

Below Alan at Macchu Picchu in Peru in 2009

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Whilst in Peru Alan is happy to add and modify things on the Devizes Heritage website. He is in regular contact with Devizes and readers of the website. E-mail is wonderful!

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